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As a player, Kantaro played for Cal State Dominguez Hills toros. After he graduated, he started working for a soccer entertainment company called “FUTBOLEROS”. He did over 700 soccer shows, soccer events and soccer clinics with mainly showing all the freestyle soccer skills.

Coach Kantaro Ishitani


  • Head coach of FC Pasion
  • FUTBOLEROS freestylist
  • US Soccer 11v11 and 9v9 licenses
  • Cal State Dominguez Hills toros college soccer player

Professional Coaching

2 years ago, Kantaro started coaching youth specifically for private and group training. He started his own club FC Pasion which participates in various U8, U9 competitions. Apart from being a youth soccer coach, Kantaro does Freestyle soccer.

What We Do

Kantaro joined FC Rockers in Fall 2023 to be the head coach for our U8 team. His goal is to prepare the team for the coming CSL league in Spring 2024. Kantaro designs his sessions to be very fun and engaging for the kids to learn and grow to love soccer.